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Political Discourse

An Affliction Known As Cognizant Dissonance Anemia Is Raging: Are You A Victim?

Cognizant Dissonance Anemia (CDA) is the newest discovery of psychological dysfunction affecting growing numbers of Americans, sending shock waves through medical professionals and political experts alike. Some fear this trending disorder has the potential to become the very cause of the destruction of American society. To date, there is no known cure, treatment, or vaccine. Pfizer did not immediately respond to requests for comment. In fact, they didn’t respond at all.

Taking Charge: Gen Z Activists Showing The Way On How To Exercise Free Speech

He claimed the protestors believed “in a conspiracy that the election was being stolen and that they could prevent this from happening by storming the Capitol.” Next, he reckoned that Fuentes was “smart enough not to enter the Capitol building, although he had no issues inciting his friends to do so.” Finally, he argued that the January 6th “riot” was driven by a “bogus theory.”