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Political Division

A Second Civil War? Take A Look At History And Our Current Situation

The southern plantation was a functional model of a socialist state.  The slaves worked and were paid through food and shelter.  They were allowed to keep some of the outside money they earned. The socialist plantation was operated by the elite and the help had to do as they were told. It sounds like the Nazis, I  mean the WEF.  The corporate state is operated in the same fashion except that there are no sufficient old age pensions as there were on southern plantations. 

Coming Together? Data Shows What’s Really Happening With America’s Political Divide

The point of these charts and their analysis is to show that America is not as far-Left as the media would like you to believe. Democrats are fleeing their party to become Independents due to their disapproval of radical Left-wing policies. Several high-profile folks that were Democrats but are now eaning away include Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, and even Bill Maher, who have recently come out critical of the Left.