Potemkin World

Living In A Potemkin World (Part Two)

These men seek power for its own sake. They want complete control over the world and a reduced population of slaves. As individuals who understand the truth of what’s going on, we can often feel alone and abandoned. This is part of their plan. They want us to abandon hope. They want to separate us from others of like mind. They know we outnumber them, so they crack the whip in order to make us bow down to their demands.

Living In A Potemkin World

Silence benefited Biden as they spun the false narrative about the Capitol being attacked and Capitol police being murdered. Pelosi and her sidekicks “Shit My Pants” Nadler, “Crying” Chuck Schumer, “Fartman” “Fang Fang Banging” Swallwell, and “Bug Eyes” Schiff tried their darndest to elevate this milling about by idiots dressed in buffalo regale, FBI plants, and ANTIFA CNN correspondents to an insurrection, but were laughed at and ridiculed by anyone with eyes.