Predictions for 2022

Forecast 2022 — Dumpster Fire Blazing on the Frontier of a Dark Age

We also know that this same set of players in public health and Big Pharma gamed the clinical trials that preceded the emergency use authorizations that loosed the “vaccines” on the people, and that they deliberately obstructed and suppressed proven treatments with inexpensive off-patent drugs that would have saved many hundreds of thousands of lives if they had been allowed within so-called standards-of-practice that rule medicine these days.

Six Political Predictions For 2022

But the most likely, and potentially most dangerous consequence of hightailing it from the Taliban is how that action will embolden our adversaries. Russia is preparing to pounce on Ukraine, and when they do Biden will dismiss any connection to our Afghan pullout, but it’s not true. If we had stood our ground in Afghanistan by not running and leaving behind scores of citizens and billions of dollars of weapons and equipment, Vladimir Putin wouldn’t be flexing his muscles right now.