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Problem Solved! We Now Know How To End Racism

The very vocal opponents of voter ID invariably use the venerable ‘Racist!” charge to silence all others. Without fact, logic, or reason, they claim voter ID is the primary means of voter suppression, especially among Blacks, who tend to support their liberal agenda. They fail to explain just how ‘racist’ voter ID creates voter suppression or stifles voter’s rights. “It’s just ‘racist!” All in. All done. End of argument. OK – let’s run with that.

Checkmate: How To Respond When Your Favorite Leftist Claims America Is Racist

America’s not perfect. We still have pockets of white supremacists, but they are rare. Anti-white and anti-Asian racism is on the rise, but certainly nowhere near the level of what we see in other countries. Additionally, America should always be striving to be better, and we should be honest when evaluating our racist past. But for one to argue that America is a racist country, particularly when we add the context of comparing ourselves to other countries, is a fool’s errand.

[Watch] America’s Love Affair With Tiger Woods… Does This Look Like A Racist Country To You?

Americans admire those who accept responsibility. Tiger Woods has been successful at levels we will almost certainly never see again. Yet Tiger has never played the ‘race card.’ Tiger Woods has been blessed to be born an American, and one with exceptional God-given talents, and he has never tried to portray himself as some sort of victim due to the color of his skin.

Hit Back Hard: Here’s How You Defeat A Racism Charge

Right now matters are being settled for us in a most unsettling way, partially because conservatives are busy playing Mr. Nice Guy. But those who can’t be reasoned with can only be fought. And when in the course of trying to destroy all that is great and good evil people try to hurt you, you hurt them back — badly and repeatedly, till they can fight no more.

MLK And Podhoretz: Two Classic Essays Still Relevant Today

In fact, Podhoretz claims, this emphasis on victim culture has undermined the very “habits and behaviors that are essential to the achievement of independence and self-respect, and it has thereby helped consign three generations of black kids to the underclass while contributing to the immiseration of countless black lives.” Affirmative Action, instead of promoting integration, has instead brought about self-imposed segregation on college campuses and in the workplace.