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Raphael Warnock

Oops! Georgia Sen Warnock Caught In Blatant Lie About His Brother’s Imprisonment [Video]

There’s a reason why Senator Warnock’s brother Keith Coleman was sentenced to life in prison. Perhaps he was a first-time offender, but he was also a cop, and someone who thoroughly betrayed the public’s trust by exploiting his position in law enforcement. Coleman was running a nationwide cocaine distribution operation, which is far from a victimless crime. And the reason why the “sting operation” was created was to stop the flow of dangerous drugs from a corrupt cop onto our streets.

Red Wave Taking Over Georgia With This New Unstoppable Candidate

recent polling shows Walker leading Warnock by over ten points. When we consider that we’re still months away from the election and the apparent commitment by Democrats to continue pushing an unpopular agenda, it seems likely that Walker’s lead will widen. And with over 7% of voters still undecided, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Walker’s cushion inch up into the teens by the fall.