Talkin’ About Revolution…A Recent Conversation

“Run again? Who cares? Trump is not the messiah and proved that pretty quickly. He may have some good ideas, good instincts, but have you heard any ideas on how to deal with the Deep State? Democrats? RINOs? The MSM – all of which will be aligned against him? Again. The same for any ‘acolyte.’ Oppose the Machine; deal with the Machine. Backed by historically gutless, spineless, brainless Republicans automatically scribbles the ‘Rest of the Story.’ Trump’s ‘values and Ideals?'”

Wake Up, RINOs!

The past six months have been a time for Republicans to choose — and they have. Some have chosen liberty, while others are enabling tyranny. Some stood as patriots, and suffered for it, while others chose to be Vichy and stand with the oppressors. Now the electorate will judge the Vichy. Next year, the voters will decide whether to reward or punish them for their treachery.

Looking for a Word for Mitt Romney

But since 2018, Mitt has been on a divergent path from conservatism. RINOs are despised by conservatives, but the term doesn’t even come close to describing the awfulness of Mitt Romney for the movement.

Where is the Congressional Republican Outrage?

There was never a shortage of members of Congress who would seek out a media camera and microphone to not just disagree with Trump but also to denigrate him and his supporters, describing him and us as racist, homophobe, misogynist, transphobe, gun nut, climate denier and criminal.  They even went so far as to impeach him and conduct a Senate trial over the words “you have to fight.”