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Robert Gore

Whatever It Takes To Achieve Leftist Utopia: The Means Are The End

Fortunately, impending murder backs us into a corner. Real resistance only kicked in when the jab or job threat and its appalling consequences became real. Not coincidentally, “Let’s Go Brandon” took off at the same time. A number of those who have threatened to walk off their jobs, have already done so, or have otherwise tangibly protested either suspect or realize they’re slated for extinction.

Pure Excrement: Those On Top Don’t Always Stay On Top

Our side will be the betting favorite. Their side’s military hasn’t won a war since World War II, its most recent defeat to 80,000 goat herders after twenty years of war. It’s stocked with popinjays like General Mark Milley, commanding woke, intersectional troops from which the unvaccinated and politically incorrect have been culled (among them some pretty good troops). Those that remain might not be too eager to shoot family, friends, fellow Americans, and former comrades who switch to our side.

Pure Excrement: Let’s Call A Turd A Turd

It’s not enough to censor, the approved propaganda must be peddled and preached. Many corporate advertisements are mini-sermons populated by the appropriate inter-sectionals. So too with corporate television programs, movies, and videos. through which only the faithful or the forced can sit. No self-respecting entertainment industry awards show is complete without paeans to the new ideology and condemnations of privilege by millionaire entertainers.

COVID’s Next Phase: The Oopsilon Variant

A little man jumped up from his seat, Dr. Antonio Ouchy, the Director of the National Institute of Adverse and Ineffective Drugs. “Are you crazy?” he shouted. He hurried over to a white board and picked up a red marker. He wrote Upsilon on the board. “What do you think the press is going to make of this when they get ahold of it?” He wrote Oopsilon on the board. “Did any of you think about the optics here?

Saving Civilization

here had been threats since Chauvin was charged with second and third degree murder and second-degree manslaughter that acquittals would provoke rampaging riots. After the riots last summer, no one could doubt the threats’ credibility. A guilty verdict on all counts could avoid injuries, deaths, and billions of dollars in property damage.

It Got Serious In A Hurry

Frothing anger fueled effort after effort to depose Trump until success was realized with overblown pandemic panic, riots, and a clearly rigged election.