German Vice-Admiral Sent Packing For Saying It’s China, Not Russia, Who Are Real Threat

It might seem like common sense to say that the West needs a) all the help it can get in taking on the Red Chinese menace and b) should focus on fighting Red China rather than stirring up unnecessary trouble with Putin’s Russia, especially since Russia would be a natural ally in the fight against China. That is, more or less what Navy chief Kay-Achim Schönbach said while speaking at the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (MP-IDSA), an Indian defense institute. According to the Hindu Times, he said that:

As Globalists Push For War With Russia, The CIA Trains Ukrainians To “Kill Russians”

Imagine how the US would react if it found out Russia was bringing Mexican cartel members to its territory and teaching them how to kill Americans “just in case” America ever invaded. That’s about what we’re doing while Sullivan, Psaki, and the regime media pretend that Russia is the aggressor. Russia would be without a valid bellum justum were it to invade Ukraine without provocation; that much is obvious. And, with that in mind, the US would be right to respond and aid Ukraine in defending its independence, so long as doing so would be within its interests.

Well, That Didn’t Take Long… Welcome To The New Year

Consider that many of the chips used in industrial control systems are produced in Taiwan.  After a Communist takeover, the CCP could mandate that circuitry be added to the chips that would allow them to be shut down by remote command.  This has already been a concern regarding systems assembled in the mainland and would leave Western industries open to a kind of blackmail by the CCP.

NATO? If Russia Conquered Europe, It Would Be An Improvement

NATO was created in 1949 to defend Europe against the Soviet Union, an expansionist, evil empire that devoted time and treasure to spreading the malevolent ideology of Marxism worldwide. Fear of this was entirely rational as such a conquest would have meant descent into hell on Earth, so we rightly drew a bombs-and-bullets line in the sand. But at issue today isn’t your grandfather’s Bear.

There Are Sound Reasons To Support Ukraine With Arms… Just Not Nukes

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It’s not popular today to talk about keeping the world safe for democracy, but that’s just another way of saying the world needs a dominant power, a sheriff, to set the broad terms of international business, diplomacy, currency exchange, laws of the sea, etc. Someone will take over that role if we let it lapse, and with it would go the many advantages that accrue to America as world hegemon.

Are You Ready for Nuclear War Over Ukraine?

Like it or not, you must tread softly in another great power’s backyard. Enter it and refuse to back down, and war will almost assuredly result because that power can’t realistically back down. Doing so would mean losing face and sending the ultimate message of weakness. For if you can be pushed around at your own doorstep, in what way can’t you be dominated?