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Silent Majority

What Is An Ochlocracy? If Democrats Have Their Way, You’ll Find Out Soon

This sort of backward tutorship and pseudo-academic authority is a pie-in-the-face of those who are not stupid. Lemon, a pie-thrower, and his cable ilk were insistent on their stance that any time, any place, and any way, a protest is worthy of protected rights. The assumption was made, apparently – as long as they are Democrat Party supporters and not Tea Party apparatchiks, Republicans or conservatives – that they are quite free to say anything at any time: peaceably be damned!

The Silent Majority Is Going to Get Loud

In 1969, Richard Nixon asserted that there was a large group of Americans who held traditional American values and who voted but avoided public attention. He called them the “silent majority.” His reelection proved his theory correct. That majority still exists and is beginning to react to our current political environment.