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Oh My God! Basketball Analyst And Former Coach Stan Van Gundy Exposes The Ignorance His Beloved Left

Personally, I couldn’t say. I am not privy to the mind of God apart from what He allows me from time to time. And most of that time is a study and self-mesmerizing of the often-mysterious parables, with the constant belief in His speaking thoughtfully so that I(we) think thoughtfully. And those thoughts always have a mystery, as He is Infinite, but with the basic, clear as glass, thoughts he has always provided that every member of creation can understand: For example Thou Shall Not Steal.

Don’t Act Surprised…. We Were Warned About This 170 Years Ago

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So was that a creation of the ever ‘objective’ national media (pause for laughter), it sure seems like they are putting a lot of effort into ramming that story down our throats. An NBC poll indicates a whopping 74 percent of Americans say the country is on the wrong track. While a recent Rasmussen poll shows that the issues most important to American voters haven’t changed all year, as inflation and violent crime remain atop the list. So much for the ‘Brandon on a hot streak’ narrative.