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Stupidest Story of the Week

Stupidest Story Of The Week: Conservatives And Republicans Are Just Like The Taliban

I don’t know what Joy Reid’s particular religious views are, and I really don’t care. I’ll assume at this point that she’s not a Christian and is simply ignorant on certain matters of our faith. Regardless, one doesn’t have to be a Christian to recognize the reality of our religion. It is in Christian nations in the West, in countries such as ours, where women have achieved the highest level of equality.

Stupidest Story Of The Week: Dems’ And Leftwing Media’s Damage Control On Cuomo

Prominent Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Vice-President Kamala Harris have issued brief, tepid scoldings of Cuomo, but move on from the topic as soon as their compatriot questioners will allow. Considering the media’s complicity in the whole affair and their lack of journalistic inquisitiveness, this second option is clearly the most prudent to take if you’re a member of the Cuomo Choir.

Stupidest Story Of The Week: CDC Issues Eviction Moratorium

The CDC is an acronym for The Centers for Disease Control. Instead of originating with an agency that should be focused on fungi, viruses, and bacteria, shouldn’t such a policy come from a more appropriate department? Say perhaps… oh, I don’t know… maybe the Department of Housing and Urban Development?

Stupidest Story Of The Week: Put Your Masks Back On

We rose to the occasion with the “fifteen days to slow the spread.” We never overwhelmed the hospitals. We stayed in our houses and worked from home, and some of us even obeyed those idiotic one-way traffic shopping lanes at supermarkets in order to socially distance and protect the elderly from getting sick. But that’s done now, it’s over.