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Swallwell and Chineses Spy

Knucklehead Of The Week: Terry McAuliffe Calls In The Big Guns… Eric Swalwell?

So, Terry McAuliffe and his campaign, who have been losing ground in their race to defeat Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin like CNN has been losing viewers, had a decision to make. They wanted to make a hit piece on Youngkin, obviously, so who to choose? Who should be the face of such an ad? Some milquetoast television announcer with a deep, melodious voice? Nah. Some up-and-coming, energetic young celebrity? Nope. They chose Eric Swalwell. What happened Terry, were Andrew Cuomo and Michael Avenatti too busy to make a cameo appearance for you?

Feds Hunting Hunter, Swallwell Called Out, and General Observations of the Week

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For those that argue a scandal with Hunter doesn’t equate to a scandal for Joe, consider what the media’s coverage would be if the situation was reversed. What if we found out this week that those old accusations against Donald Trump Jr being nefariously involved with Russian characters weren’t just imaginary infractions, but were indeed being investigated by the Justice Department and a Senate Committee?