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Teachers' Unions

Education In America: Should We Reform Or Replace?

We must recognize that we already have the power, and need simply to reclaim it.  We do that by making our demands known to officials and legislators, beginning with school boards, city officers, county officers, state legislators, and representatives.  We reclaim our power by creating the institutions we want without asking permission.  We don’t even need forgiveness.  We need faith, courage, and a willingness to stand firm in our convictions of what is right and tr

Hell Hath No Fury….

That’s exactly what is happening! Today, the mothers of America’s schoolchildren are now telling the powers-that-be that they will not allow their children to ingest the toxic, dishonest, racist brew of CRT.  They are telling the innovators of this theory, the teachers who purvey it, the Attorney General of the United States, the FBI, and the President of the United States: Don’t contaminate my child with your hateful, racist, anti-American, anti-White poison…. or else!

Heroic Professions of the COVID Pandemic: It’s A Long List, But Teachers Aren’t On It

Adult teachers, like adult truck drivers and cable repairmen, faced different risks based on age and underlying health conditions. For those teachers who were at-risk, just like for the truck drivers and cable guys, they could have stayed home and not worked at all. Teachers with hypertension, diabetes, and lung disease could have stayed away, and the same with students. But that’s not what happened.