Trump 2020

The Elitist Narrative That Trump Is “Not Qualified To Be President”

Trump spent a long and successful career in the rough private sector, the New York construction business, hotels, and the competitive “reality TV” business, where one must actually have real skills and imagination in order to survive, the skill and imagination to build things, create jobs, and make payrolls – skills not shared by his political opponents, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and the like, who have all spent most of their lives in government where people are hardly ever held accountable for their history of failures

Donald Trump: Destroyer of the Clinton Dynasty

The Democrats have moved the Clintons from the asset column to the liability column on their political ledger. They are flushing them down the drain like spoiled milk (which still smells better than the stench of the Clinton Foundation).

Goliath was a Chump Compared to What Trump has Fought Against

If Donald J. Trump wins reelection today, it will make David’s defeat of Goliath look like a foregone conclusion. “Goliath got his ass kicked,” said the Philistine, “big deal.” Never in American history has a presidential candidate faced such committed, sustained, and malicious opposition from such formidable opponents. One could credibly argue that a Trump victory would be nothing short of miraculous considering the headwinds against which our 45th President has struggled. Buster Douglas defeating Mike Tyson was ho-hum compared to Trump’s challenges. Harry Truman’s defeat of Thomas Dewey was a walk in the park.

Trump is Trump, But Biden Wants You to Think He’s Someone Else

Joe Biden is the quintessential Washington D.C. swamp-dweller who is uncompromising in his craving for power . He wants you to think he’s someone else because he has a 47-year record with virtually no accomplishments to tout. He wants you to think he’s someone else because the real Joe Biden is not particularly electable. Don’t be fooled: we know who Joe Biden is, and he’s none of the things he’s pretending to be.