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Violent Crime

Coming Soon To Your Town: Soft On Crime Policies Result In Armed Robbery In A Suburban California Driveway

Perhaps it is incidents like these that will ultimately turn the tide in California and elsewhere. Voters in San Francisco became fed up to the point that they booted their prosecutor, although Boudin’s replacement isn’t exactly Dirty Harry. Los Angeles may be headed in the same direction. But when suburbanites start to fear for their lives in the driveways of their own homes, maybe the rejection of soft-on-crime Democrats on Election Day will begin to prevail everywhere.

Watch! As Crime Skyrockets And Democrats Deny Blame, Remember What They Said About Police [Video]

There are a variety of emotions that motivate us, particularly when it comes to voting. With the Democrats in 2020, they did their best to instill anger in the electorate, painting George Floyd as an innocent victim and police everywhere as corrupt and bloodthirsty. Compassion is another emotion that can change how we view candidates and issues, and is one that Democrats often attempt to exploit. But there is one emotion that drives public opinion more than any other: fear.

Pure Brutality! Lawlessness On Portland’s Streets Claims Another Innocent Victim

The message from Wheeler, Brown, and others has been clear: Come to our city, come to our state, and do as you please. In the name of equity and social justice, we will look the other way. Commit your crimes, murder our citizens, and destroy our communities. We’re progressive, we’re enlightened, we’re woke, and have no interest in the rule of law. 

Don’t Mess With Texas, Especially Dads From Texas: A Lone Star State Dad’s Response To Robbers

We know that mothers can be deeply protective of their young children, not just with humans but in the animal kingdom as well, but what about fathers? What does it look like when their protective instincts kick in? Thanks to a father of two babies in the Houston, Texas area, we have a detailed example of the possibilities, and two young robbers ended up in the hospital after getting a firsthand look at that example.